Banned User

March 29, 2021, by Admin

We are receiving a lot of email from users asking why they got banned

We are getting a lot of Multiple Account Everyday and it makes thing hard for us

We don't have any plan to reply or explain our side to every website abuser

We just want to let you know that we will only ban user that is using multiple accounts or abusing our website

We have multiple ways to detect abuse on our website if you get banned we know you know the reason

You are not only risking your account on BTCclcicker but also your other third party micro wallet

In order for us to continue running our website and bring more PTC Ads

Stop making multiple accounts and We hope you continue to support us! Thank you. 


Multiple Account Abuse!

March 5, 2021, by Admin

We are getting a lot of multiple accounts daily that trying to abuse BTC Clicker

That's why we add some requirement before the user can withdraw


User = Must click/view at least 10 Ads before Withdrawal

Referrer = Must click/view at least 1 advertisement to receive the earning from your referrals tomorrow.

It's forbidden to make Multiple Accounts.

Be sure you are not doing these otherwise you are risking getting Banned.